Silat Tuo Traditionale

October 10, 2010 | Reference

Welcoming Bapak Waleed back to the United States and New Haven after his many months of travel overseas, ISFA students past and present gathered at the Harkness Ballroom at the Yale School of Medicine for a Silat Tuo Traditionale Workshop.

Bapak led the students in the steps of Silat, as well as describing some applications of the movements.  Bapak as always emphasized the importance of being consistent in practicing in order to maintain and improve your movements and to move forward in training.

Everyone was happy to welcome Bapak back, and expressed their gratitude for his sharing of his time, experience, and know-how with all present.


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We are the local New Haven, CT branch of the International Silat Federation of America and Indonesia, dedicated to sharing the traditional arts, culture, music, theater, and natural wellness methods of the Minangkabau community of West Sumatra, Indonesia.