Bapak Waleed receives Proclamation from the Mayor of New Haven

June 22, 2015 | News



In recognition of years of community outreach and education in the arts and culture of West Sumatra, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia in general, the Honorable Mayor of New Haven Toni Harp granted a “Proclamation Honoring Leonardo J. Stoute, Bapak Waleed” this June, 2015.  Founder and Director of the International Silat Federation of American & Indonesia, Bapak Waleed has been presenting cultural outreach activities, classes, workshops, lectures, performances, and demonstrations throughout the New Haven area for more than 10 years.  To present the Proclamation, Director of Arts, Culture, and Tourism for the City of New Haven, Andrew Wolf, met with Bapak Waleed in person to congratulate him on his accomplishments.


Text of the Proclamation:


Of the City Of New Haven

JUNE 12, 2015

WHEREAS, Leonardo J. Stoute “Bapak Waleed” is a true “Spiritual Warrior” living in modern times, out of seclusion, to share the wisdoms of reality with all of humanity. Leonardo J. Stoute is more than a Master of the arts of Silat Tuo and Silat Minang; he is a cultural outreach ambassador, natural healer, and esoteric guide and lecturer of Sufi traditions.

WHEREAS, Leonardo J. Stoute “Bapak Waleed” has been honored and recognized by elders and teachers in the birthplace of Silat Tuo and Silat Minang, West Sumatra, Indonesia, for all of his efforts in preserving and maintaining the traditional and ancient roots of this “Pusaka” gift of the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra. Coming from the West, he has humbly earned the faith and trust of the community elders and encouraged and fortified their own efforts in teaching the youth of the next generation.

WHEREAS, Leonardo J. Stoute “Bapak Waleed” brings his spirit of cultural revival and renewal and connection to ancient traditions and cultures wherever he travels; he shares the beauties and wisdom of all he has learned with students, teachers, families, and community leaders alike in and around New Haven, where he teaches and performs, sharing the vibrancy of Indonesian culture with Yale University students, student groups and cultural centers, as well as local students at the Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School, ACES Educational Center for the Arts, and the Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School, who otherwise may not have the opportunity for exposure to their peers on the other side of the globe.

WHEREAS, Leonardo J. Stoute “Bapak Waleed” continually encourages youth in this country and region to learn about and connect with their counterparts overseas, not only on personal and cultural levels, but always looking for opportunities for such connections to be mutually beneficial in supporting the needy wherever they are; his own efforts and those of his students have been recognized here in New Haven by the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen. Himself constantly and consistently giving back to the community, he reaches out and encourages youth to connect and give back to their communities as well.

NOW, THEREFORE, do I, as Mayor of the City of New Haven, in recognition of Leonardo J. Stoute “Bapak Waleed” for all of his dedication and contributions to the New Haven community, I here proclaim:

Dated at New Haven, Connecticut, this 12th day of June 2015
Toni N. Harp, Mayor

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