YaleDancers & an introduction to Indonesian Dance

October 3, 2014 | Events Archive

Last Wednesday, one of Yale’s premiere dance groups, the YaleDancers, invited Bapak Waleed to give them an introduction to Traditional Indonesian Dance.  Always interested in broadening their repertoire, even in the direction of more traditional movements, the dancers tried some basic stepping movements and patterns based in Silat Tuo, the traditional movement arts of the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra, Indonesia.  The evening opened with a few minutes of video footage from a traditional Sumatran dance group as well as archival footage from a performance at the University of Michigan in which Bapak Waleed led his students in Tari Piring, or the “Candle & Plate Dance,” along with improvisational free-flow Kembangan, “Flower Dance.”  Bapak Waleed led the dancers in basic platform position and trailing leg movements, as well as sweeping step movements combined with coordinated hand movements.  Throughout, he explained the significance of the movements for balance, alignment of the joints, and even injury prevention and healing.  Afterward, everyone sat to practice the coordinated hand movements, and ground work meant to loosen stiff muscles, tone joints, and improve mobility and balance in movement on the floor.  In demonstrating with several of the dancers, Bapak Waleed added an element of interactive ‘play’ into the evening, as well as insight into applications of the movements for self defense…

Below are a few images from the evening, as well as archived event photos from Bapak Waleed’s visit to the YaleDancers in early 2006…

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