Workshop Recap: Bapak Waleed offers Practical Women’s Self Defense

April 26, 2014 | Events Archive

2014-04-26 12.20.06crpOn Saturday morning, Bapak Waleed led workshop participants in a Self Defense workshop based on the movements of Silat Tuo Minang, from West Sumatra, Indonesia.  He led participants in stepping, pattern movements, and hand movements to cover some of the basics of Silat Tuo Minang.  Regardless of having prior experience with the movements or not, all of the participants were able to gain from the experience, and Bapak Waleed broke down some of the individual movements to show their applicability in self defense scenarios.  Classes with Bapak Waleed will continue on Monday April 28.  No experience is necessary; all are welcome.  Please RSVP by email.

See below for a gallery of images from the workshop…


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