Tari Indang & Tari Piring in the Southeast Asia Spring Festival

March 1, 2016 | Events Archive

Last weekend, the annual Southeast Asia Spring Festival drew a large crowd in celebration of Southeast Asian culture, cuisine, music, and dance.  Please see the program linked here.

The performances representing Indonesia included Tari Indang and Tari Piring from West Sumatra, the Javanese Tari Kijang Deer Dance, and the traditional Soya-Soya dance of North Maluku.  Other dances from around the region included both Vietnamese and Korean fan dances, the Filipino Tinikling, and Chinese Wushu.

Please see below for images from the event.  In order, they show: Tari Indang (2 images), Tari Piring (2 images), Tari Kijang (2 images), Soya-Soya (2 images), fan dances (4 images), Tinikling (1 image), Wushu (1 image), folk music (2 images) and Fulbright Teaching Fellow Uni Puan with her students from the Introductory Bahasa Indonesia language class at Yale, wearing traditional West Sumatran sarongs.

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With many thanks to the Council on Southeast Asian Studies, especially  Pak Indriyo Sukmono, Bu Dinny Alethiani, and Uni Puan Setiva, all part of the teaching faculty of Yale’s Bahasa Indonesia language classes, Michael Dove, the Chair, and Kris Mooseker.  Photo credits go to Marilyn Wilkes of the Yale MacMillan Center.


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