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February 15, 2005 | Events Archive

February, 2005

SEAS Event Poster for the Spring Festival


This year, the Council on Southeast Asia Studies invited Bapak Waleed to perform at their annual Spring Festival, a celebration of Southeast Asian culture.  The audience was standing room only, with people coming from throughout the University, the New Haven community, and surrounding cities and towns.

The Balinese Gamelan from the Indonesian Consulate in New York performed several pieces of music and dance from Bali.  In addition, the evening featured a wonderful array of cultural and ethnic foods, along with visual artwork from the region.

The highlight of the evening came when Bapak Waleed stepped into the staging area of the Luce Hall 2nd floor Common Room, and the traditional movements of Silat Tuo Minangkabau from West Sumatra mesmerized the audience.  Bapak Waleed gave the onlookers a special treat when he sparred or played with another Silat player in an interactive demonstration.

Invitation Letter from the Southeast Asia Studies Council


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