Silat Tuo Minang Workshop at the ISM

April 19, 2014 | Events Archive

Tuesday afternoon, April 15, Bapak Waleed visited the Great Hall at the Yale Institute for Sacred Music, to give a workshop for the course “Religious Studies 300: Ritual and Performance.” During the course of the workshop, Bapak Waleed gave an overview of the basic stepping movements of Silat Tuo Minang, from West Sumatra, Indonesia, as well as a taste of some of their applications.  He also included aspects of the Silat ‘play’ that often occurs during performances of Silat, and explained how communication between Silat players occurs by feeling rather than by the spoken word.  He even demonstrated with some of the students in the class.  ‘Feeling’ is essential to the movements of Silat Tuo Minang, which has an inner dimension related to awareness and control of one’s breath at all times.  Breath is life-sustaining, and proper use and maintenance of it allows a person to extend the capabilities of their senses, awareness, and perception in all aspects of life.  To this effect, Bapak Waleed also touched upon some of the connections between Silat Tuo Minang and the whirling movement of the whirling dervishes, in connection with the mystic poet Rumi, and demonstrated these movements as well.  In all the afternoon was a very peaceful event, in which Bapak Waleed’s words were meant to heal as well as instruct.  All present felt the benefit, and asked about further learning opportunities…


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