Performance Recap: Bapak Waleed Showcases Silat Tuo Minang at YCDC

April 11, 2014 | Events Archive, News

April 10th, New Haven CT

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Annual YCDC Concert Featuring Bapak Waleed and the ISFA

The Yale/Co-Op Community Dance Concert 2014 offered something wonderful and unique to all those who came for the show.  Thursday night, audience members at the Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School Annual YCDC Concert experience a unique transformation around the world… to Indonesia.

In the midst of a concert featuring ballet, ballroom, hip-hop, and Afro-Caribbean beats and dance movements, the call of the bamboo flute sounded out through the Co-Op auditorium, and the members of the ISFA entered the stage, plates in hand, with candles on top, showcasing some movements of Tari Piring, the traditional Candle and Plate Dance of the Minang people of West Sumatra, Indonesia.  With a transition in the music, and the plates left at the side, the movements quickly changed into the rhythmic stepping of Silat Tuo Minang, with Bapak Waleed adeptly improvising and demonstrating Silat ‘play’ with several of his students on stage.

The audience was mesmerized, trying to wrap their heads around what they were witnessing…  Many commented on the grace of the movements, as well as the beautiful gold-inlayed sarongs and headgear of the costumes.

Some audience reaction:

“Your performance was BAGUS SEKALI! :) I have been feeling a little homesick for Indonesia so your performance was just what I needed! You guys were really good :)”

“So graceful…”

“It was too short!”

 Many Thanks to the Hosts, Organizers, and Sponsors, and Congratulations to all the wonderful Performers!



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