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June 1, 2013 | Events Archive

In July 2008, Bapak Waleed was invited up on stage with the Elders and community leaders of West Sumatra, Indonesia, to watch the opening festivities of “Pekan Budaya Sumatera Barat 2008”.  Held in the Taman Budaya (Cultural Park) of the capital city, Padang, the “West Sumatra Culture Week” began with “Pawai Budaya” (Cultural Parade), featuring dancers, musicians, and performers in traditional dress representing each of the cities and regencies of the province.  The Week, sponsored and hosted by “Dinas Pariwisata, Seni dan Budaya” (Department of Tourism, Arts & Culture), included several different stages showcasing the music, arts, and dance of West Sumatra, with performers as young as preschoolers.  The “Festival Randai Tradisi” showcased the Traditional Randai Theater form unique to West Sumatra, in which the performers include movements of Silat Tuo and Silat Minang in their story-telling, with the action occurring “in-the-round” and accompanied by live musical Gamelan.  Please see below for a selection of pictures from the week’s events:


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