Bapak Waleed Invited to Share at Indonesian Diaspora Congress

August 20, 2013 | Events Archive, News

bannerPublic Forum: Pencak Silat for the World

August 18th, 2013

Over the past several days, the 2nd Annual Indonesian Diaspora Congress “Pulang Kampung” was being held at the Jakarta Convention Center, in Jakarta, Indonesia. This event brought together leaders, educators, business people, and other interested parties from all over the world. Bapak Waleed received a special invitation from the Indonesian Ambassador to the United States to attend this prestigious conference.

Specifically, Bapak Waleed was asked to participate in a special Public Forum on the topic of “Pencak Silat for the World”. Silat teachers from all over Indonesia came to participate, and it appears that Bapak Waleed was the only westerner to be invited. The forum was an excellent opportunity to rekindle old connections and pay respect to the elders. Bapak Waleed spoke on the importance of serving the youth, developing strong teachers, and keeping true to the traditional side of the arts.


Bapak Waleed addressing the Special Forum

Bapak Waleed connected with many old friends and teachers here, and he paid respect to them all, including Guru Edward Lebe, Chief Instructor of the Padepokan Pencak Silat Indonesia.


Jakarta Convention Center

There were demonstrations and gamelan music as part of the event. Please enjoy our pictures and video coverage from the event.


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