Bulldog Days Performance Dinner & Cultural Presentations

April 28, 2015 | Events Archive

Every year at the end of April, Yale University extends an invitation to all of the graduating high school seniors who have been offered a place in the entering freshman class for the following year.  Bulldog Days gives prospective students the opportunity to stay overnight in the dorms, visit a variety of classes, eat in the dining halls, and survey the broad array of extracurricular clubs and athletic teams that Yale has to offer.  Most importantly, students, faculty, and administration alike offer prospective students a taste of student life in all its aspects.  This year was no exception, with hundreds of students visiting from all over the country and even the world from April 20-22, 2015.

As one of Yale’s 4 Cultural Houses, the Asian American Cultural Center offered prospective students a glimpse into the vitality, variety, and breadth of the cultural activities of student groups from all over Asia.  The AACC organizers invited the International Silat Federation of New Haven to join the festivities, along with the Yale student dancers who have collaborated with us in past semesters…  So, in addition to sampling food from around the Asian region, students also watched mini-performances of spoken word, cultural music, and dances including the Candle & Plate Dance Tari Piring, specifically hailing from the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra, Indonesia…

Please see below for some pictures of the event.  More footage of this and other AACC events is always available on the AACC Facebook page

With thanks to Eva Albalghiti for participating and Mohan Yin for providing AACC photographic footage, also available on Facebook





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