Around the World in 90 Minutes at the Bear Path School

May 8, 2015 | Events Archive

Bear Path Elementary School in Hamden, CT has such an internationally diverse group of students, that they recently began a tradition of celebrating international cultures with a special Festival for all of their students in grades K-6. This year, the theme was “Games Around the World,” and the Bear Path students had the opportunity to showcase their talents by singing cultural songs, playing group games and performing dances, and sharing slideshows about the homes of their cultural heritage. Flags made by the art classes covered one of the walls of the Bear Path cafeteria, showcasing the countries represented at the event.

In addition to enjoying the vibrant colors on display at the cultural booths and in the outfits of the participants, the children and their parents got to sample flavors from around the world, like fried vegetable pekora from Pakistan, and of course ginger candies from the “Spice Islands” of Indonesia. In the first part of the evening, students walked around a collection of cultural booths representing nearly a dozen countries, filling out quiz sheets with questions like “This country used to be known as the Gold Coast of Africa.” At the booth hosted by the International Silat Federation of America & Indonesia, students and parents alike quickly learned that Indonesia was the one country in the world with more than 17,000 islands!

With many thanks to the Bear Path Elementary PTA and Mubarra Elahee for the invitation to join the festivities, as well as Principal Scott Trauner. Please see below for images from the evening.



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